With late summer bump, new powerboat sales expected to be flat with 2018


The NMMA today reported in its e-newsletter Currents that powerboat registrations in September were down 0.9 percent on a rolling 12-month year-over-year basis, but up 5 percent on a rolling three-month year-over-year basis. The data was released through NMMA’s New Powerboat Registrations Report.

“With this lift in new powerboat sales in July, August and September, we expect this year’s unit sales to come in flat with 2018—around 280,000 new powerboats sold,” Vicky Yu, director of business intelligence told Trade Only Today. “While this is not as much growth as we’ve seen the past few years, it’s the second-highest sales volume in 12 years. It puts us back on par with where retail unit sales were this time a year ago.”

According to the report, sales of new personal watercraft sales were up 7 percent R12M YOY, and up 11 percent R3M YOY.

Sales of wake-sport boats were up 7 percent R12M YOY, and up 13 percent R3M YOY.

Sales of new larger fiberglass boats were up 7 percent R12M YOY and up 13 percent R3M YOY. Yu said sales growth was largely driven by fishing boats 27 feet and above.

Sales of new aluminum powerboats, like freshwater fishing boats, were down 6 percent R12M YOY, and down 0.5 percent R3M YOY. Sales of new pontoon boats were down 3 percent R12M YOY, but up 1 percent R3M YOY.