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YachtAid Global donates to Filipino typhoon relief


Working together, YachtAid Global and Remote Medical International said they provided more than $20,000 to a disaster relief organization that responded to the damage Typhoon Haiyan caused in the Philippines in November.

YachtAid Global and Remote Medical International said they quadrupled funds received through each company’s matching donation campaigns. After matching the donations raised through YachtAid Global, the company transferred more than $6,000 to the RMI Typhoon Relief Fund.

Remote Medical International then matched their total for a final donation of more than $20,000 to Team Rubicon, a veteran-based disaster relief organization that provided fast-action medical response to victims of the typhoon.

“RMI specializes in remote medicine for unconventional environments worldwide,” Remote Medical International medical coordination specialist Kate Earle said in a statement. “A natural disaster of this magnitude — particularly in an area like the central Philippines, which is geographically remote with limited infrastructure post-typhoon — requires universal support, and we strongly believe in being of service to the global community.”

In addition to a monetary donation, Remote Medical International also shipped more than $6,000 in medical supplies, including medications for pain control, anesthesia, and antibiotics.

“YachtAid Global is proud to be able to be able to assist quickly and efficiently with aid to the disaster area via the newly created “onefor4.org” program,” YachtAid Global founder Mark Drewelow said in a statement. “When we can’t get yachts to a location fast enough, this is the next best way we can help as a humanitarian organization.”