A cultural affair

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Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin has organized a two-day Culture Summit for January 14-15 and is inviting chief executives, presidents and senior leadership from across the industry.

“At Correct Craft there is nothing more important to us than our values and culture,” Yeargin said in a statement. “We have focused a lot on how to have an effective culture and are anxious to both share what we have learned and learn from others.”

Yeargin told Trade Only Today that the participants will be hearing from other marine CEO’s on “how a focus on culture has transformed their businesses in terms of financial and operational results,” and helps relationships both in and outside the company.

“There is no hidden agenda,” Yeargin told Trade Only Today. “We are not selling anything nor are we promoting our company. We want to help support and develop our industry because we believe the concepts are powerful.”

Culture has always been important to Yeargin’s leadership at Correct Craft. “Not only because good culture can make companies a better place to work but it also drives results,” he said.

He said one of the four parts for his long-term vision for Correct Craft is to “use our platform to inspire others to understand the value of culture and use their companies to make life better. The idea is to leverage what we are trying to do by inspiring others to embrace the power of a positive culture.”

Correct Craft is subsidizing all costs of the conference, including food, and has established a $99 hotel rate with the Orlando Regency Hyatt, where the summit is being held.

The event will have an “all-star cast” of speakers, according to Yeargin. They will include Duane Kuck, CEO of Regal Boats, and Kris Carroll, CEO of Grady White Boats, and others. “As a special dinner speaker, we are bringing in Wallace ‘J’ Nichols, author of Blue Mind,” said Yeargin. “We are working hard to make this a first-class event. We want attendees to leave understanding the power of culture and knowing how to go back and drive culture at their organizations.”

The event will be limited to 25 attendees and applications are required. “We want to have a group size that can collaborate together and allow one-on-one time with the speakers,” said Yeargin. “We’re asking people to apply so we can be assured of a good mix of companies and people.” 


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