A New Look at Seaside Assistance

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Formula’s new 380 Super Sport Crossover, courtesy of Formula.

Formula’s new 380 Super Sport Crossover, courtesy of Formula.

Formula Boats is stepping up its efforts to create a hassle-free experience for boaters through a partnership with Sea Tow Services.

Formula will offer Sea Tow coverage on all new boats for five years, an unusually long period of time for manufacturers to guarantee buyers on-water support, said Brian Chandler with Commonwealth PR, a firm that handles public relations for Sea Tow.

“They’re partnering to offer a free 5-year warranty, and that’s rare in this industry,” Chandler told Trade Only Today.

Typically, such partnerships provide complimentary coverage for a few months; this is the longest guarantee Sea Tow has made, Chandler told Trade Only Today.

The idea was for Formula to match the length of coverage with other services the company offers its customers.

“The five-years of Sea Tow membership is the perfect complement to our five-year product warranties and Vessel Vanguard subscriptions,” said Formula product support and consumer affairs director Mike Boyd in a statement.

The goal is to break down barriers that keep people from boating as often as they’d like, said Sea Tow CEO Joseph Frohnhoefer III.

“Cars come standard with roadside assistance – so should boats,” said Frohnhoefer. “It ultimately reduces the cost of boat ownership because, should a new Formula owner need on-water assistance, they’re covered. It’s a fantastic benefit to introduce as we head into a new decade of boating.”

The “on-the-water warranty” will cover situations including jump starts, towing, fuel delivery, and groundings, said Chandler.

The new partnership applies to all Formula boats beginning with 2020 models.