Alia Yachts expands in Turkey

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The new Alia factory will be finished this month.

The new Alia factory will be finished this month.

Alia Yachts is building a new headquarters in the Antalya Free Trade Zone on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

The new facility that will be built adjacent to Alia’s existing factory will have 172,000 square feet of indoor space. The complex will have five construction halls each measuring up to 295 feet long and 75 feet high beneath the overhead cranes. Currently, the company has three bays covering 86,000 square feet.

“This expansion will help us achieve three key objectives,” Gökhan Çelik, president of Alia Yachts, said in a statement. “Firstly, it will increase our production capacity and allow us to work simultaneously on more projects. Secondly, it will enable us to accommodate larger projects than our existing sheds currently allow. And last, but not least, it will help grow our focus on the refit sector.”

Alia currently has three yachts in build and three under final contract negotiations. 


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