Analyst upbeat about Malibu Boats sales


Wells Fargo analysts say in a research report that Malibu Boats should benefit in fiscal 2015 from one new and one refreshed model for both its Malibu brand and its Axis brand, along with significant surf system, tower and control panel enhancements.

The analysts said they believe that Malibu and Axis combined gained modest market share during fiscal 2014 and that the Malibu brand will recoup market share in 2015 because of new and refreshed product as the Axis brand makes modest additional gains.

The analysts said Malibu’s acquisition of the equity interests of the Malibu Boats licensee in Australia is projected to close Oct. 1 and is expected to provide immediate growth.

The Australian-licensed business is operated by Malibu Boats Pty Ltd. and includes distribution rights in the Australia and New Zealand markets, as well as a manufacturing facility in Albury, Australia.

The analysts said minimal capital investment will be required for operations, which will provide Malibu with direct access to the important Australian, New Zealand and Southeast Asia markets.


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