Azimut Yachts signs dealership agreement in Mexico

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Azimut Yachts expanded into Mexico with a new partnership with Euro Yachts.

Featuring four venues in key Mexican markets, Azimut Yachts Mexico is assured a strong presence throughout the country, the company said.

“Euro Yachts, thanks to its experience and strong presence throughout the country, is the ideal partner to represent Azimut Yachts in such an important market as Mexico,” Azimut Benetti USA president Federico Ferrante said in a statement.

“As this is the 14th partnership agreement to be signed this year, Azimut Yachts continues to successfully execute its global commercial strategy. This approach so far has allowed us to launch our 100 percent Italian-made product line globally, thanks to highly professional partners introducing us to the local markets and their individual needs. In our view, it is only by leveraging the management depth and financial strength of a consolidated industrial group like Azimut Benetti that such a global strategy can be a success.”