Beckson Companies name CEO

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After recently passing the torch as president to Steve Anschutz, Frank S. (Bob) Beckerer Jr. will serve as CEO of the Connecticut-based Beckson Companies.


This shift enables Beckerer to remain deeply involved in the businesses while serving as a mentor to employees and driving the multi-company family.

Beckson Marine was incorporated in 1979 and Beckerer was the company's first and only president until recently. Many Beckson employees have obtained GED, undergraduate and master's degrees at company expense and were offered in-house educational programs. Beckerer also founded and managed the Bridge Academy, a local charter school.

"Bob is a dedicated leader and will continue to serve as the guiding light of the Beckson Companies," Anschutz said in a statement. "He leads by example and provides many resources to our employees and community to ensure all can develop their skills and education. We're very glad to continue to have him on board as CEO."

Beckson has held more than two dozen patents and it offers more than 900 products, including utility and cruiser pumps, hoses, hooks, clips, hatches, vents, portlights and deck plates.

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