Boatbuilder starts operations in Missouri

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Nautical Racing Group, which in 2010 purchased the molds and assets of Profile Custom Powerboats, is up and running in its new operations in Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., company partner Jim Prouty told Trade Only Today.

“It’s really good to be able to buy in a down market. You know eventually the market’s turning — it already seems to have started a little bit. We just decided we’re going to get it and do it. We had the opportunity to buy it. We paid cash for the whole thing,” said Prouty, the former director of operations for Profile, who owns the company along with Jim Crawford.

The purchase price was not disclosed.

Nautical Racing Group will build boats that range from 26 to 40 feet in a V-hull configuration, as well as a 28-foot single-engine catamaran. Nautical Racing Group has its first two boats in production, Prouty said.

It has been difficult to find the right employees — those who know high-performance boats — but the company has five employees and is looking to expand as production gears up.

The plan, Prouty said, is to sell through dealers. The company has a dealer in Florida who formerly worked with Profile and is talking with potential dealers in its local area. Prouty would eventually like to have four or five dealers around the country.

“We’ve had a lot of interest. Our whole philosophy is we’re truly a custom manufacturer, so anything that somebody wants in a boat we’re going to say yes to unless it’s a huge safety issue. We’ve had a lot of good response. There’s a few websites we’re on and we’re getting a great response off those,” Prouty said.

“We really want to make a top-notch boat, so we’re using the best in class in everything we can,” he added. “We’re trying to make a really spectacular boat without cutting any corners at all and still being very, very competitive in the marketplace.”


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