Brunswick signs deal with Dominion on marketing program

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Brunswick Corp. launched a free online marketing program through a partnership with Dominion Enterprises for all certified Brunswick dealers.

Dominion Marine Media will offer Brunswick dealers online marketing guidance with “Propel,” a complimentary, one-on-one marketing online workshop program that is an exclusive reward for Brunswick-certified boat dealerships in the United States and Canada.

Dominion will annually share marketing strategies for expanding and enhancing a dealer’s digital and social media marketing presence. Propel gives dealers a digital scorecard on their online marketing efforts versus their top local competitors, as well as detailed guidance about how to improve online customer prospecting, customer engagement and sales generation.

"The rapidly evolving world of digital and social media means that we as an industry need to constantly evolve, as well, to best serve our customer's needs," Brunswick CEO Dusty McCoy said in a statement. "Propel teaches the latest and best practices for engaging with buyers in the digital marketplace. It's another way we can help our dealers to grow and prosper."

Propel consists of two webinar workshops — one focused on digital marketing, and the other focused on social media marketing.

The digital marketing session will cover topics that include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, effective website design, email marketing and online advertising. The social media session will focus on how to successfully engage, build and convert new customer relationships with effective social media marketing through leading social media portals such as Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.

“These days, 89 percent of all consumers start their buying process with research online,” Brunswick Boat Group president Andy Graves said in a statement. “Learning the best way to capture their attention by the leader in the field gives our certified dealers an important competitive edge."


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