Brunswick will suspend all boat and engine production


Brunswick Corporation announced that it will suspend production at its engine manufacturing and boat operations over the next few weeks in response to COVID-19.

“The outbreak and rapid proliferation of the coronavirus has disrupted the global marine market and our business,” said CEO David Foulkes in a statement. “The prudent and necessary response to the spread and threat of the virus by national, state and local authorities across the globe has included measures that we believe will influence near-term marine demand and consumer access.”

The closings are slated to take effect on Monday, March 23, and expected to last from two to three weeks “depending on the specific circumstances for each brand, model and operation.”

“We have and plan to continue diligently following the CDC and other health agency guidelines to protect our organization and we believe that temporarily suspending our production at the major propulsion and boat facilities is consistent with the spirit of these measures and supports the priority we place on the safety and health of our employees and their families,” said Foulkes. “In addition, this action enables us to proactively rebalance supply and demand.” 


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