Centurion Boats debuts ‘Weekends of Giving’ events

Centurion Boats took employees who helped to clean up Lake Yosemite Park on rides aboard boats that they helped build.

Centurion Boats took employees who helped to clean up Lake Yosemite Park on rides aboard boats that they helped build.

Centurion vice president of sales and marketing Amy Mauzy said the company wants to give back to its employees and the community, starting with Manuel Ayala and Jose Gonzalez Mora, co-workers at the plant who have known each other for 18 years.

Ayala said the last time he was on a boat was when he was 13, the same age as his son, Jonathan, who came along for the ride with his two brothers.

“I’m loving it,” the elder Ayala told the Merced Sun Star newspaper in California.

Ayala said he occasionally brings his children with him to work and they are in awe of the boats, sitting in them and seeing what their father builds every day.

“It feels good to ride in a boat that I made,” Ayala said.

July 16 was the first of many “Weekends of Giving” Centurion is going to have.

“We want to show the community they are involved. We’re a team, and we like what we do,” said Shell Buchner, Centurion’s event coordinator.

Centurion employees and their families gathered at Lake Yosemite Park to clean up litter and debris, everywhere from the parking lot to the lake shore, the playground and picnic areas.

“We’re going to put a lot of work out here,” Centurion president Paul Singer said. “If this is where we do our work and play, we got to give back.”

Gonzalez Mora said there are no words to describe how grateful and blessed he felt to be able to go out on the lake with five of his seven children. When he woke up, he said, he thought he was taking his children to clean up the lakefront, and instead he experienced something new with his family.

Ayala said the day showed the company’s commitment to its people and made him proud to be part of Centurion.

“I think the best part is the company is doing this for us, me and my kids,” Ayala said. “I never thought this would happen.”

Centurion leaders are planning to take more families out to the lake.


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