Chaparral adds employees, boosts production


Chaparral Boats added employees and increased production due to "excellent results" from early season boat shows, the company said.

Chaparral Boats increased its employee count during 2010 by more than 120, and now has approximately 450 employees, president Jim Lane told Soundings Trade Only this morning.

The company also has increased production "approximately 200 percent compared to the end of 2009." Lane said the company did not release specific unit figures. In filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company acknowledged it had "reduced our production levels drastically" in 2009 to allow dealers to reduce their inventories.

"We've had a tremendous number of orders that have come in," Lane said. "The sales on the retail level have been a little better than anticipated, and in addition to that, we've continued to support our dealers with factory support ... which I think has helped our dealer inventory and our dealers sell more boats during the winter selling season as well."

Last year, the company launched a "Strength and Stamina ... Now and For the Future" program that "capitalized on Chaparral's financial strength and proven track record to support our worldwide dealer network," said Lane.

"During the last year, we faced one of the most difficult times in the history of the marine industry. Backing our dealers with cost-saving rebates, unprecedented factory support, premier customer service and award-winning new product development has more than paid off," he added.

Chaparral has continued to invest in new product development, and the company plans to introduce three new models in 2011.

Chaparral has introduced a total of 19 new models in the last four years.


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