Correct Craft acquires electric boat drive system

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Correct Craft today announced its acquisition of an electric boat drive system known as the Ingenity P220.

The acquisition is a result of Correct Craft’s Watershed Innovations initiative. The company said it will help prepare its Pleasurecraft Engine Group and boat brands for the future beyond internal combustion engines.

Previously built by Ortner Electric in Villach, Austria, Correct Craft says the Ingenity P220 is the highest performing electric towboat propulsion system in the world. The system is available on the Super Air Nautique 210 and GS20 models in Austria and will soon be available on these models worldwide, according to Correct Craft.

The Ingenity P220 will eventually be offered on other Nautique models and Correct Craft brands.

“The world is quickly transitioning to electric power, and the acquisition of the Ingenity P220 system will help position Correct Craft, Pleasurecraft Engine Group and our boat companies for a successful transition to the future,” Bill Yeargin, Correct Craft president and CEO, said in a statement.