Correct Craft CEO takes part in White House briefing

Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin attended a briefing at the White House on President Obama’s infrastructure investment plan.

Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin attended a briefing Thursday at the White House on President Obama’s infrastructure investment plan.

Administration officials and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew presented the three-hour briefing. About 50 business leaders from throughout the country attended.

“It was an honor to be invited back to the White House, this time to learn more about the Obama administration’s plan to update U.S. infrastructure,” Yeargin said in a statement.

Yeargin, who also serves on a council of business leaders that advise Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, heard administration officials describe what they said was an urgent need to invest in improvements to decaying U.S. infrastructure. Officials presented their view of the importance of infrastructure, which not only protects current U.S. businesses and their employees (and their families), but also supports both the country’s future ability to compete in the global marketplace and ultimately national defense.

The administration, which has been promoting its infrastructure plan with little traction in Congress, also requested feedback on the plan from business leaders at the briefing.

“This is a critical issue that needs the immediate attention of U.S. businesses and Congress,” Yeargin said. “Our Correct Craft businesses are similar to most marine industry companies in that they require excellent national infrastructure to be successful in the global marketplace. The U.S. recreational boating industry leads the world and provides many, many jobs throughout our country. I hope Congress and the president can come to agreement on a plan that not only helps U.S. industries protect their global leadership positions, but also protects the future livelihoods of our employees and their families.”


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