Crownline Boats cuts jobs in Illinois


Crownline Boats is laying off 206 employees from its Illinois plant, citing "unusual and calamitous weather patterns throughout large areas of the United States."

The poor weather has resulted in an “unpredictable downturn in the market for sterndrive boats,” the company’s parent company, Leisure Properties LLC, said in a statement, according to The Southern Illinoisan.

“It is presently anticipated that the layoffs will be temporary,” the statement said, according to the newspaper.

The layoffs at the West Frankfort facility are effective June 17. The company said it will maintain personnel to provide ongoing service and support to its customers and Crownline dealers.

Crownline didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The company laid off 133 workers in 2008 and 145 in July 2005.

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