DealersCircle signs Cobalt

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DealersCircle, a web-based service that links boat manufacturers, dealers and customers through its app has added Cobalt Boats. DealersCircle now represents more than 1,100 dealers and 23 boat brands.

“Scott and Sharon with DealersCircle were highly engaged and invested for a successful integration,” Lance Gaertner, customer service manager for Cobalt, said in a statement. “Sharon’s training sessions with the dealer network were very informative and allowed for interaction in a Q&A atmosphere. This provided a high level of understanding from the participants.”

Added Cobalt director of IT Dan Shaw, “The Cobalt IT Team found the folks at DealersCircle technically confident in their approach and methodologies when it came to the layout, testing and implementation in a very short time period.”

DealersCircle president Scott Davis said that his company’s product have been supporting the marine industry for 15 years. “We simplify and automate the process of boat and parts ordering, warranty claims and customer follow-up, creating a smart, reliable link between the OEM, the dealer network and the end consumers,” he said in the statement.