Egg Harbor owner outlines future of new lines

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Egg Harbor Yachts owner Ira Trocki hopes current Silverton Marine Corp. and Ovation Yachts dealers not only will continue to carry the lines, but will find opportunities with Egg Harbor’s current lines, too.

A New Jersey bankruptcy judge approved the sale Friday of Ovation and Silverton to Egg Harbor.

“This [purchase] gives us a very large range of products to offer customers,” Trocki told Soundings Trade Only. “We believe the way to do this is through enhanced dealer networks. We want to give the opportunity to Silverton and Ovation dealers to not only continue with Ovation and Silverton, but to also bring our products into the fold. That gives a larger opportunity for customers to find what they want and gives them the opportunity to grow when we grow.”

Egg Harbor currently builds Buddy Davis Editions, with 28-foot and 34-foot center console outboards and 38-foot express outboards; Davis Yachts semicustom sportfish and express yachts between 48 and 70 feet; Egg Harbor Yachts 37-foot, 43-foot, and 50-foot luxury sportyachts; Predator’s 35-foot walkaround express and 35 express sportfish cruisers; and Topaz 40- and 33-foot express cruisers.

“Because there are so many thousands of customers out there that have Silvertons that love Silvertons it gives them a reason to step up to buy a newer boat and gives them the opportunity to see all the lines we build,” Trocki said.

Customers might be more likely to stay with that dealer if they choose to branch out into something different, Trocki said.

“This gives them comfort, dealing with the same dealer, the same factory, the same excellent service, customer care and superior product,” Trocki said. “Hopefully that gives the dealer an opportunity to sell different types of boats to the same customers, and hopefully expand in that manner.”

Trocki said he will speak directly with dealers to figure out what their individual markets are moving forward, as well.

He plans to move the production of Silverton and Ovation into his existing facility in Egg Harbor City, N.J., and plans to rehire some of the workers let go when Silverton stopped production in February before filing for Chapter 11 restructuring.

Reagan Haynes