Encore Boat Builders plans to unveil new catamaran

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Encore Boat Builders, the builder of Encore Bentley Pontoons, said today that it will soon introduce what it is calling “a revolution in aluminum-boat design that will provide the best of all worlds at an affordable price.” Sundancer Catamarans is set to be launched Sept. 16 at a combined dealer meeting for Encore Bentley in Lexington, S.C.


The catamaran’s design results in an extremely stable fishing platform that performs well in weather conditions normally suited for larger boats, the builder said, and the boat will be a product currently unseen in the market.

“We took on the Sundancer Catamaran line after an extensive sea trial in rough, choppy conditions. I thought the boat had a fresh look and the ride far exceeded my expectations,” Anthony Antonietti, president of Antonietti Marine Boat Sales, a dealer in Hudson, Fla., who has picked up the new line of 16- and 18-foot boats, said in a statement. “I knew I had to have these on my lot.”

Encore said the ruggedly built aluminum hull combines the advantages of a catamaran design and its light weight equates to solid performance and great fuel economy from a smaller engine. The builder said the design objective was to build affordable, lightweight boats that nearly any vehicle can tow.

For information on Encore Boat Builders, visit Sundancer Catamarans at www.sundancerboat.com or contact Jeff Gross at (321) 431-8822 or stgerard1@aol.com.


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