Fairline Boats marks production milestone


Fairline Boats is celebrating a major milestone with the launch of its 100th Squadron 78.

The original Squadron 78 was unveiled in 2003 at an event near the Tower of London. Since then, Fairline said, it has become one of the builder’s most successful and iconic luxury motoryachts.

“We are incredibly proud of the fact that the Squadron 78 is now in its 12th year of production, which demonstrates the strength and appeal of its design and build quality,” Kevin Gaskell, CEO of Fairline, said in a statement. “Our teams work tirelessly to ensure that every Squadron 78 is crafted to the owner’s exacting requirements, creating beautifully customized and bespoke luxury motoryachts.”

Fairline's Squadron 78 passing through London.

Fairline's Squadron 78 passing through London.

The 100th build of the Squadron 78 follows the recent launch of its most customized model ever, a Squadron 78 Custom called Match 2. The yacht was the owner’s fifth Fairline and his second Squadron 78.

“When we launched the Squadron 78 in 2003 we knew we had created a world-beating luxury boat,” James Powell, Fairline Yacht Division EMEA, said in a statement. “We have always enjoyed working closely with our customers to create high-end motoryachts that are truly unique. The entire team is incredibly proud of what we have achieved and we are very much looking forward to working with the future owners of new Squadron 78s.”


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