Furrion introduces AI for yachts

Adonis, a 78-foot Numarine, is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Adonis, a 78-foot Numarine, is on display at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Furrion teamed up with Numarine on a 78-foot concept boat outfitted with Furrion’s new virtual concierge with an artificial intelligence system known as Angel.

Adonis was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday and made history as the first yacht to be displayed at the event.

The voice module for the Angel artificial intelligence system.

The voice module for the Angel artificial intelligence system.

“It is incredible to see our vision of Adonis be a reality here at CES,” Matt Fiddler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion, said in a statement. “Furrion’s history is rooted in marine, and now we are able to combine the best of our technology and futuristic innovation to deliver an experience unlike any other. The addition of Angel gives consumers an always-present assistant, regardless of their Internet connection.”

A digital service, Angel can respond to a boat owner’s needs by providing everything from a list of available meals on board to the day’s news and weather, as well as booking reservations at restaurants or ports of call. Powered by artificial intelligence, it uses facial recognition to learn an owner’s personal preferences. Facial recognition is also a security benefit.

The system also can control lights, blinds, media and climate on board. If the signal is weak, Angel can operate on a closed network or online.

Here is a video of Adonis and Angel.

“Numarine’s innovative culture aligned with our own, and we both shared a mutual desire to build the most advanced yacht in the world,” Fiddler told Trade Only Today. “Numarine was willing to integrate with a technology company such as Furrion to create a brand new experience and better connected ecosystem where everything works together.”

Through built-in voice modules located throughout Adonis, an owner says “Hi Angel” to access the network and give commands. There are several Furrion Smart Mirrors with interactive displays throughout the boat. Touch the mirror or ask Angel to display, and the glass surface wakes up. It functions like a tablet or touchscreen; it can also display television.

Asked about Furrion’s investment in Angel, Fiddler said, “There is a significant investment to bring this type of technology to fruition. Through 10 years of evolution of product lines and drive to reinvent the future of mobile luxury living, we have come to this point, where a virtual concierge is no longer an idea — it is finally a reality.”


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