Gunboat adds cloud-based management solution


Cruising catamaran builder Gunboat International selected PierVantage to run the company’s production boatbuilding business in Wanchese, N.C.

“We needed to replace our business management solution with something that was designed for boatbuilding, rather than general manufacturing,” Gunboat International founder Peter Johnstone said in a statement. “PierVantage and the company behind the product came highly recommended by industry leaders who have been working with PierVantage since inception. I made a fairly quick decision to go with PierVantage and, although it is early in our relationship, we are making great progress and are excited to employ the new tools they are building to support each stage of the production line. I am confident PierVantage will help us become more efficient and productive. I also travel quite a bit, meeting new customers, going to shows and meeting vendors, so having a cloud-based solution makes it easy for me to stay connected with my business, which is very important to me.”

“Gunboat selecting PierVantage is an exciting time for the evolution of PierVantage,” CorVant (the creators of PierVantage) CEO Navroze Eduljee said in a statement. “As it stands today, PierVantage is very strong and capable, helping custom boatbuilding companies and service yards manage their operations, but up until this point we have not had the opportunity to work with a semi-production boatbuilder. Peter and his team have years of experience working in semi-production and production boatbuilding companies and know exactly what functionality they need us to build to support their production line.”

Gunboat is scheduled to go live on PierVantage today.

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