Hydrotrans offers leasing plan

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Hydrotrans B.V. is offering a new lease-to-purchase option for its hydraulic yard transport trailers and boat cranes.

The leasing option helps free up working capital for cash­strapped small businesses planning to acquire equipment with long ammortization schedules, according to the company.

"Our future depends not just in designing and building the best equipment, but also in helping our customers with options that improve their ability to compete in [a] sometimes tough business environment," technical director Michel Smit said in a statement.

Based in The Netherlands, Hydrotrans has been engineering and building boat- and material-handling equipment since 1996. The standard models are the G2 (2 wheel steering) and G4 (4 wheel steering) yard transporters, the SW series for slipways, the RM series for remote control and the Aqua­Terra series of cranes.

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