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Kessler-Ellis sees OEM cost savings in new partnership

Kessler-Ellis Products, a maker of marine sunlight readable displays and other hardware and software products, says a new partnership with the technology company Veedims will produce substantial OEM cost savings for manufacturers.

“From our testing of Veedims technology on 25- to 42-foot boat test platforms, we estimate potential cost reductions on wiring and components of 25 to 30 percent and up to 50 percent on installation costs,” Kessler-Ellis sales manager Keith Cariani told Trade Only Today.

Veedims, or Virtual Electrical Electronic Device Interface Management System, based in Fort Lauderdale, has developed technology that enables the connection, control, management and monitoring of sensors and components within a system.

“We built a system that allow you to connect existing sensors and do smart things with them,” the company said on its website.

The Veedims system replaces multiple wiring runs integrated on a boat with a single power cable and an Ethernet.

“While there is some level of automation aboard vessels today, there is rarely a connection between subsystems such as engines, lighting and even displays. All are complex, require a lot of cabling and have specific and often proprietary interfaces,” Cariani said.

The integrated, automated system turns practically any component aboard a vessel into a “smart” device, enabling all devices to be programmed, monitored, controlled and managed from a single display, he added. This control also allows warning systems to be integrated so that parts can be replaced or repaired before they fail.

The reduced wiring produces reduced weight.

“On our testing platforms we’re seeing weight reduction of about 60 percent in cabling in a 40-foot boat — about 1,000 pounds,” Cariani said. “In a vessel that size, that’s pretty considerable.”

OEM cost savings beyond the reduced weight and wiring and components also can be found in installation, where Kessler-Ellis testing revealed that the installation of a boat’s electrical system was reduced from three weeks to one with the simpler Veedims system.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will share technology, and KEP will distribute Veedims hardware and assist in licensing the company’s patented technology.

The collaboration will result in the introduction of the Veedims operational platform to the marine market.

“Our partnership with KEP is ideal,” Veedims founder and chairman Claudio R. Ballard said in a statement. “KEP is an established innovator in the marine market and continues to push boundaries to provide products engineered to standards unparalleled by their competition. They quickly came to understand our technology, infrastructure potential and the implications for recreational, commercial, military and cruise line vessels. We have a shared vision for the future, and the mutual growth potential for our companies is extremely powerful.”

In addition, Veedims and KEP will offer licensed technical consulting and development services to help manufacturers improve efficiency, add functionality to their electronic systems, minimize system weight and cost and significantly reduce installation times.

As of this morning, Kessler-Ellis had begun discussions with several recreational boatbuilders, three cruise lines and the military.

Rich Armstrong



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