Larson ships pontoon to Chinese government

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The Larson Boat Group's first electric Larson Escape 25 TTT pontoon was shipped to a customer in China — the first of a multiple-unit order that will serve as a ferryboat in an area south of Shanghai.

"This special-project Larson Escape is a great example of how we work with our dealer partners to support their customer's needs, requests and requirements to serve their respective markets," Larson president and CEO Rob Parmentier said in a statement.

The Escape 25 TTT, which stands for tapered tube technology, is powered by a 4.0 RL Torqeedo electric motor.

"The Larson Escape TTT platform is the perfect vehicle to support the parameters and design requirements we had to deliver,” Larson engineering director Ron Sahr said. “The Escape TTT’s engineered pontoon sponson design aids in structural support in transporting up to nine passengers, plus the captain. And for added support in carrying this load at low speeds, the 30-inch-wide top cap span to create a solid deck mounting surface, resulting in eliminating the need for secondary bracing and almost eliminates any racking."

"LBG already has a strong green initiative and program through our VEC and Roplene manufacturing practices,” Parmentier said. “We are honored the Chinese government felt the same and looked to us to support their own green initiatives for areas that are sensitive to pollution. We certainly hope that many other municipalities, not only in China, look to this boat as a way to support their own green initiatives."