Lippert names head of aftermarket division

Jamie Schnur

Jamie Schnur

Lippert Components has promoted Jamie Schnur to Group President – Aftermarket. Schnur was previously LCI’s Chief Administrative Officer. He has also held several other senior leadership positions at LCI over the last 23 years.

The company said in a statement that Schnur will lead LCI’s aftermarket teams, which include aftermarket sales, customer service, marketing, information technology, business systems, customer experience, and LCI’s Technology division, headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

“Schnur’s leadership in this role will align critical areas of the company and support LCI’s growth plan in the aftermarket segment,” said the statement.

Having joined Lippert in 1996, Schnur has led many of the company’s early technological initiatives. Schnur’s teams worked to implement LCI’s first Enterprise Resource Planning system and several other critical technologies, such as materials resource planning, electronic data interchange, advanced engineering systems, customer resource management, and call center technology. Schnur has led several teams that included technology, engineering, and customer service.

“Jamie has been instrumental in LCI’s success over the last two decades. His knowledge of the company, our industries, the people, and processes, as well as his invaluable leadership, have helped us become the company we are today,” said Jason Lippert, LCI CEO and president, in the statement. “We are ready to take our aftermarket division to the next level. We have dedicated leaders on all of our teams who are responsible for that transformation.”

“The aftermarket division is one of the largest opportunities for growth at LCI,” said Schnur in the statement. “I am excited to align our resources and push our leadership to make our aftermarket division the best it can be. As technology becomes more prevalent in the industries we serve, LCI will do everything possible to unify new technologies with the products that we manufacture, and more importantly, with the end consumers that buy our products.”