Lund Boats anglers inducted into hall of fame


Lund Boats pro staffers Mike Gofron and Mark Martin were recently inducted into the 2015 Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

Both Lund pro staffers have set records in walleye tournament-fishing history and still work to pass the passion of angling along to future generations.

Gofron, a resident of the Antioch, Ill., area, has been a pioneer in developing new techniques for catching fish in peculiar places since his first tournament.

"I'm honored to even be considered, let alone inducted," Gofron said in a statement. "The dependability of a Lund boat to get me back into tight quarters, as well as make 100-plus runs on big water, have been crucial throughout my entire career," he said. "I've never had to worry about not making it back to the ramp. Never."

Today Gofron exhibits how-to videos on tackle and boat rigging on his website and teaches the public what he has learned throughout more than 60 top-10 finishes during his career, which include winning a Professional Walleye Trail Championship, two Angler of the Year titles, a Top Gun and Sportsman of the Year honors.

Martin, who has been coined "the original champ" for taking home the cup from the inaugural PWT Championship in 1990, will mark his 30th year in a Lund boat in 2015.

The Twin Lakes, Mich., resident works assiduously to promote fishing education via Mark Martin's Fishing Vacation/School, which provides hands-on open-water and ice-fishing instruction for anglers of all ages.

"Being inducted is the biggest compliment I could have ever received," Martin said. "It's kudos to the hard behind-the-scenes work it takes to be full time in the fishing industry, and I'm grateful Lund has been there since the beginning."