Lyman-Morse sued for $15 million

Publish date: reports that the owner of a 95-foot sailing yacht is suing Lyman Morse Boatbuilding in Thomaston, Maine, for $15 million in damages. Vesper Maritime, the owner of the yacht Vesper, filed the lawsuit last Thursday in U.S. District Court in Portland. Lyman Morse said the accident is still being investigated.

Vesper Maritime said in its complaint that the yacht was taken to Lyman Morse on Nov. 5 after experiencing unusual sounds from its steering gear. The yacht was hauled and moved to an area with gravel over wet, unstable soil, according to the lawsuit, adding that there were an insufficient number of stands to support it. The captain of the boat spoke to yard staff, according to the lawsuit, mentioning the possibility of severe weather and strong winds.

Vesper fell over Nov. 10, according to the lawsuit, and suffered structural damage. The complaint alleges that the yard removed evidence of what caused the boat to topple over.

“Lyman Morse takes its responsibility toward all its customers very seriously,” said an email from the boatyard’s attorney, Twain Braden, to Trade Only Today. “This was an unfortunate accident, which is still in the process of being investigated. In the meantime, Lyman Morse coordinated a complicated effort to stabilize and secure the damaged vessel and also worked closely with its customers to ensure that all other vessels in its care were not harmed in any way.”