Magnum Marine marks 45th anniversary

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Magnum Marine is celebrating its 45th anniversary with a new book about the brand's history, an event in June and the launch of two limited edition yachts - the Magnum 51 Gold Label (with a special gold livery created for the occasion) and the Magnum 44 Banzai.


The Magnum Anniversary Book covers the history of the brand from its beginning in the 1960s with Don Aronow to the latest models under Katrin Theodoli's leadership.

A group of owners from the Mediterranean will meet June 3-5 to celebrate the anniversary at the Magnum European Rendezvous in Ischia Island.

Owners of the Miami-based builder's boats have included the King of Spain, the King of Sweden, the Emir of Bahrain, the Prince of Qatar, the Sultan of Brunei, singer Lenny Kravitz, and the Onassis, Agnelli and Berlusconi families, the company said.

"Magnum Marine builds some of the best yachts both quality-wise and safety-wise; the Magnum 60-foot can let me lose myself in the ocean, with the illusion of leaving the earthbound world behind," Kravtiz said in a statement. "Speed is also a big consideration, due to my limited amount of time I have for leisure in my life. For example, I can go to Bimini for lunch and back in time to have a full day in the studio."

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