Malibu Boats features customers in promotion

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Malibu Boats is showcasing its customers in its "My Life, My Boat" program.

Malibu plans to shine a light on the passions that make up these dedicated owners' lives, on and off the water, in an effort to give back to them. Malibu Boats is committed to publicizing charities, businesses, events and people dear to the hearts of select Malibu boat owners as a way of saying thank you.

Each month, Malibu Boats will feature an owner as a part of the "My Life, My Boat" movement. A Malibu boat owner story will be added to the Malibu Boats blog detailing the passions in these individuals' lives. This blog post will accompany a national news release, as well as photos displayed on Malibu Boats and/or video posted on Malibu's YouTube channel.

Malibu Boats will fill the month with regular tweets about the "My Life, My Boat" honoree, along with Facebook status and event updates.

Malibu Boat has also carved out a section of its monthly e-newsletter to feature "My Life, My Boat" boat owners.

Malibu dealers, partners, pro team members and employees are being given the opportunity to nominate boat owners they feel embody the spirit of "My Life, My Boat."

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