Malibu Boats joins on new wakeboard series

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Malibu Boats and the World Wakeboard Association announced the creation of an elite contest series for 2015, including three stops for the world’s top pro riders.

“At Malibu, we’re always looking to progress the sport of wakeboarding in all aspects,” Malibu CEO Jack Springer said in a statement. “From building innovative towboats to hosting first-class events to producing high-quality media for the world to see, we have combined interests with the WWA to support wakeboarding and inspire participants long into the future.”

Malibu said the Evolution Pro Series will bring the men and women of the professional wakeboarding circuit together at some of the world’s best venues in the United States and abroad.

“The last 25 years of the WWA have been incredible,” WWA president Shannon Starling said. “And now, with the Evolution Pro Series and a partner like Malibu Boats that shares our vision, I’m confident that competitive wakeboarding will be alive and well for the next 25 years and beyond.”