Marquis Yachts adds orders for VEC module division


Marquis Yachts' new division, Carver Manufacturing, is growing and increasing its product range, using VEC technology, the company announced.


It recently announced the fifth execution of its custom fiberglass modules — a newly designed module for the Kingsford Charcoal Co., in conjunction with Wal-Mart.

The luxury yacht builder started a new division of the company in April to increase product range and manufacturing capacities. The division was established with the assistance of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s job creation initiative for the state.

Since April, the company has secured orders for custom modules tailor-made to meet customer specifications and commercial objectives. Clients to date include the Army, the National Guard, Straight Talk (a service provided by TracFone Wireless), Sony Corp., Wal-Mart and Kingsford Charcoal.

“This is a rapidly evolving and growing part of our business, as the opportunities for our VEC technology application and construction processes are endless,” company president Robert VanGrunsven said in a statement.

“This project has created a new division of our company that not only grows our work force by adding highly trained craftsmen, it contributes to our ability to be globally competitive as a U.S. manufacturer by increasing our production efficiencies,” he added. “We are an extremely vertically integrated manufacturing facility that has existed in Wisconsin for over 60 years. As global markets continue to be challenging, our new VEC module program has not only subsidized our business, it has grown it to new levels.”

Marquis Yachts LLC is owned by Irwin Jacobs and John Paul DeJoria.

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