MasterCraft bringing back some employees

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MasterCraft is recalling more than 70 employees in the next two months, the company announced.

Forty employees returned to the company last week. This will be followed by an additional 33 employees to be brought back this month, according to the manufacturer.

With this latest recall, MasterCraft will now have a total work force numbering roughly 325 employees.

"The increase in production is reflective purely of domestic and international dealer demand," said John Dorton, president and CEO, in a statement. "Because we worked hand-in-hand with our dealer network over the last several months to help them balance existing inventory, we now have reached a point where our dealers need new boats. As a result, we are increasing our production run rate to meet this demand."

These new openings are in addition to the 175 recalled workers the company announced in July.

"We are encouraged by the opportunity to increase our production rates, but remain guarded," Dorton added. "The marine industry is still dealing with very trying times. As a result, the buyers out there are either looking for a once-in-a-lifetime deal or they are so passionate about their water lifestyle that they are in the market for a new boat."