Montara introduces pontoon boat for wakesurfing

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It sure looks like a pontoon boat.

It sure looks like a pontoon boat.

When Montara Boats CEO Mark Overbye and his team set out to design a new breed of wakesurfing boat, their intent was clear.

“The goal was to make a pontoon surf,” he said. “We have taken all the best things from a pontoon boat and merged them with a surf boat.”

The result is the Montara Surf Boss, an aluminum-hulled boat that’s available in 21-, 23-and 25-foot models. The boat looks like a pontoon, but the bottom is a single proprietary hull design that was developed to handle 5,000-plus pounds of ballast to create wakes for surfing.

“The pontoon guys won’t know what the desired wake shape should be,” said Overbye, a tow-sports industry veteran and the founder of Gekko boats, which he sold to Floe Industries.

Overbye said working with fiberglass would have been easier, but consumers like the maintenance-free aspect of aluminum. “People like the comfort, the plushness, the convenience, the ability to drive it up on the beach,” Overbye said.

Montara Surf Boss boats have PCM V-drives, a ballast system, Zero Off GPS speed control and wake-shaping equipment.

Montara manufactures its boat interiors and has in-house machining capabilities and robotic aluminum cutting and welding equipment. The company plans to debut the boats this fall. Pricing is expected to be in the $65,000 to $75,000 range.