Nautic, Channel Blade team up on lead management

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Nautic Global Group officially endorsed Channel Blade's Web solutions for its dealers.

Channel Blade is a leading provider of online lead generation, lead management and sales education solutions in the marine industry.

Effective immediately, NGG will provide 100 percent reimbursement through Flex Funds - its co-op program - for ARI/Channel Blade's approved online solutions, including the lead management tool Footsteps.

The announcement came following NGG's annual dealer meeting. With more than 300 dealers in attendance, Channel Blade presented "The Internet Doesn't Sell Boats, Good Dealers Do," a workshop designed to provide dealers with lead management best practices and announce NGG's mystery shop results.

"Prior to the dealer meeting, Channel Blade had hired a third-party to conduct a mystery shop for all NGG dealers," said Chuck Lewis, Channel Blade founder, in a statement.

"The results were stronger than average, but showed room for improvement when it comes to managing leads effectively," he added. "Each lead represents an opportunity to sell a boat, and we need dealers to respond 100 percent of the time and immediately."

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