Nautique Delivers First All-Electric Production Units

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A quiet revolution has begun, as the first all-electric Super Air Nautique GS22E units have been delivered to clients in both the United States and Europe.

The 124-kWh battery is unique to the GS22E.

The 124-kWh battery is unique to the GS22E.

The vessel was conceived by Ingenity — a division of parent company Correct Craft’s Watershed Innovation Group. The subsidiary, whose focus is on sustainable propulsion solutions and other eco-conscious technology, developed a 124-kWh battery for the GS22E.

The 5,900-pound Super Air GS22E is reportedly good for 2-3 hours of water sports use on a full charge and has a MSRP of $292,711, according to Nautique.

The e-charging station is on Lake Tahoe.

The e-charging station is on Lake Tahoe.

“Our innovation team members have poured themselves into this project knowing that connecting with end customers would be the ultimate validation of their tireless effort,” said Ingenity president Sean Marrero in a statement. “Now that we have a growing base of initial customers from all over the world, I could not be happier for them or more excited about the opportunity we have in front of us.”

Ingenity has also completed installation of an electric boat charger on Lake Tahoe at Homewood Marina, which can fully recharge the GS22W in less than five hours. The Tahoe Fund, a non-profit which raises funds for environmental efforts in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin, helped with the effort.

The boat is good for two to three hours of water sports usage on a full charge.

The boat is good for two to three hours of water sports usage on a full charge.

“Protecting the unique natural resource of Lake Tahoe has always been our priority, so installing the Ingenity on-the-water EB charging station at the marina is 100 percent in alignment with our commitment,” said Hopewood Marina director David Topol. “Our goal was to be the first charging station on the lake, but our vision is that this is the first of many. Now that the technology is here, we hope to inspire other marinas and boaters to move in this direction with us.”

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