Nautique helps school on service trip in El Salvador

Nautique and Rhino, the vendor that supplies Nautique’s primary design software, partnered to help open a design center in an El Salvador school.

Nautique and Rhino, the vendor that supplies Nautique’s primary design software, partnered to help open a design center in an El Salvador school run by the Hamilton family in Ahuachapán.

Nautique designers’ introduction of design at the El Salvador school, through the use of Rhino software, happened on a recent “Nautique Cares” service trip to El Salvador. The trip sparked an interest in students, which led to donations of several computers and software licenses to start the design center.

Andrés and Jackie Gonzaléz, of Rhino software, donated 30 software licenses and a new projector and provided classes to the teacher who will lead the design center.

In addition, Rhino is offering to set up the school as an accredited Rhino Fab Studio, which Nautique said will add significant credibility to the school and lead to job opportunities for the students.

Nautique said the Hamiltons are in the final stages of having the design high school program accredited, which will allow students to graduate with a technical high school diploma. To date, there are 38 students enrolled in the design program and this vision has already begun to change the lives of students and the education system, Nautique said.

“My wife is from El Salvador, and we have been wanting to help make a difference in that country,” Andrés Gonzaléz, part owner of McNeel Miami, which produces Rhino 3-D software, said in a statement.

“When I heard that Nautique’s chief designer had used Rhino software to create an art feature in the new school library in El Salvador and that the same school was a great prospect for a Rhino design center, I knew how I could help make a difference,” Gonzaléz said. “I am thrilled to see these initial 38 students kick off the design school, and it is satisfying to know that in the years ahead hundreds of students in El Salvador will learn valuable skills they can use to transform their lives and families.”

Nautique, a subsidiary of Correct Craft, said it continues to expand the Nautique Cares initiatives that are having a significant impact around the world. This includes helping serve Nautique’s local community and taking employees on service trips around the world. During the last several years Nautique employees have traveled to El Salvador, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and the Apache reservation in Arizona.

“Our team never imagined the domino effect that our service trip to El Salvador last July would create, and we couldn’t be more excited about the design center and how it will change lives, not only for the students but their families, as well,” Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin said. “Truly, our company is blessed to have the best employees, vendors and dealers, who have helped us create and shape what Nautique Cares is all about.”


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