Pleasurecraft Engine Group extends deal with GM

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Pleasurecraft Engine Group said it has signed a multiyear contract extension with General Motors Co.

For the past 20 years GM has been the exclusive powertrain in all Pleasurecraft engines. The relationship between Pleasurecraft and GM dates from more than 40 years ago.

In 2015 Pleasurecraft partnered with GM Marine to produce the PCM Hyperformance H5 and H6 — the first direct-injection engines in the tow-sports industry.

Pleasurecraft said the H5 and H6 engines with GM Marine’s direct injection technology have made major advancements in the marine industry and pulled 10 world water-ski records in the past two years.

“Here at Pleasurecraft we are renowned for our unique marinization process, which includes our patented exhaust system, our patented fuel system, our transmissions and many other components,” Pleasurecraft president Mark McKinney said in a statement. “During this process 250 components are added to GM blocks to produce a Pleasurecraft engine. We are excited to enter into this long-term contract, and together with GM we look forward to continue introducing new technologies to the marine industry.”

“We have had a great relationship with Pleasurecraft for several decades,” said Kris Mayer, GM’s general director of wholesale, marine and industrial sales. “Pleasurecraft is one of our largest buyers of V8 marine engines and we are thrilled to continue in this partnership.”