Pursuit Boats sells patrol boats to Ugandan police


Two Pursuit Boats will be enforcing security on Africa's largest lake.

Tuesday morning, Ugandan government officials were running down the St. Lucie River taking final sea trials aboard two Pursuit Boats OS 315 models, according to TCPalm.com.

The duo of 31-foot, hard-topped dual console vessels built by Pursuit Boats at its Fort Pierce, Fla., manufacturing facility had the words “Uganda Police” in large white block letters emblazoned on their navy blue hulls.

The two boats will be headed to Lake Victoria in east central Africa to patrol Ugandan waters, Bryan Boyd told TCPalm. Boyd is managing partner of Ocean Blue Yacht Sales in Stuart, Pursuit’s Treasure Coast dealer and commissioning agent.

“We’ve sold and Pursuit sells quite a few boats that go overseas, even though the international economy is also having its ups and downs like ours is,” Boyd said. “The boat business had been pretty tough for a while, but now to think we’re shipping boats to Uganda is pretty cool.”

The boats are powered by twin Yamaha 300-hp four-stroke motors enabling a top speed of about 50 mph. They may carry about 280 gallons of fuel.

The boats will be prepared for shipping locally to be transported by truck to Savannah, Ga. They will reach Africa by freighter to be offloaded in Kenya and then prepared for a 1,000-km (621-mile) overland journey by truck to Lake Victoria, said Marco Stracuzzi, agent for Pursuit in Africa.

Lake Victoria encompasses 26,600 square miles and is bordered by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is Africa’s largest lake, the largest tropical lake in the world and the headwaters of the Nile River. Its average depth is 130 feet, and its deepest spot is 276 feet.

In recent years, according to the newspaper The East African, the discovery of petroleum deposits in Lake Victoria has generated excitement and discord among factions that wish to invest or stake claim to potential profits.

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