Regulator Marine boosts donations to food pantry

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Regulator Marine said it has increased its donations to the Edenton-Chowan Food Pantry in Edenton, N.C., where the boatbuilder is based.

Contributions in 2017 totaled $34,000, half of which Regulator said was generated by staff and boat dealers from around the world during Regulator Marine University in November.

Regulator said the food pantry, which is in Edenton, has an annual budget of $120,000 and food assistance requests are increasing by 25 percent.

“The Edenton-Chowan Food Pantry is often called the ‘Heart of Chowan County.’ That’s not correct. The heart of Chowan County is more appropriately the employees of Regulator Marine,” Dr. Roger Coleman, director of the food pantry, said in a statement. “Without their support, our offerings would be meager.”\

Regulator said it has taken part in several food pantry initiatives during the past year, including the 100 Grand Challenge and the Book Bag Buddies program. The support is in addition to monthly donations, which volunteers use to purchase and distribute food to more than 350 families.

“We share very similar values with the food pantry, expressing God’s love by helping those who need it the most,” Regulator Marine president Joan Maxwell said. “We are committed to continuing our support, and we loved giving our dealers the opportunity to share our dedication at RMU.”