Rybovich, SNAME books released

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With an insider's perspective, Pat Rybovich, daughter of yacht designer Tommy Rybovich, has written a book about the builders' 90-year history.

The Rybovich story begins in 1947 when the three Rybovich brothers launched their first boat, and Rybovich Hull No. 1 would help spark today's multibillion-dollar sportfishing industry.

The book is a limited-edition volume featuring hundreds of photographs, original blueprints, memorabilia and unpublished photos from the boatyard's archives and the family of vintage Rybovich-owners. The book showcases the original 79 boats built by the brothers and culminates with the latest creations of her cousin, Michael Rybovich, who continues the legacy today.

"Rybovich" is offered exclusively at the Rybovich book Web site, and a percentage of book sales will go to marine conservation.

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"The Principles of Naval Architecture Series: Intact Stability" is now available from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

The new volume, a revision of the previous chapter two of "Principles of Naval Architecture," develops the principles of intact stability in calm water, starting from initial stability at small angles of heel then proceeding to large angles.

Written by Dr. Colin S. Moore, manager, advanced analysis and salvage engineering at Herbert Engineering Corp. and a member of SNAME ad hoc committees on double hull intact stability and parametric rolling, the new volume in the series discusses various effects on stability, such as changes in hull geometry, changes in weight distribution, suspended weights, partial support because of grounding or dry-docking and free liquid surfaces in tanks or other internal spaces.

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