Scout Boats hosts Republican presidential candidate

Kasich and his camp chose Scout because of its reputation in the industry, continued job creation, company growth and market expansion.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich recently joined the Republican presidential field and on Friday one of his first stops across the country was at the Scout Boats manufacturing facility and headquarters in South Carolina.

Kasich and his camp chose Scout because of its reputation in the industry, continued job creation, company growth and market expansion over the years, the company said.

Kasich held a town forum-style public meeting in Scout’s new 24,000-square-foot addition, which hosted national media and local residents for the event.

"I am always inspired by small business owners who pour their life savings and their passion into their dreams, and that is certainly what is happening at Scout Boats with the work of Steve and Dianne Potts,” Kasich said.

“Small business owners are the engines of free enterprise. Government doesn’t create jobs. Small businesses create jobs,” Kasich said. “It’s the job of leaders to create the climate where they can succeed and help lift up our communities and families. As president, my mission will be to create the climate for small businesses to succeed all across the country so that we can see more success stories like Scout Boats.”

“It’s an honor for our company and the way we do business to be recognized by someone of this national caliber,” Scout CEO and founder Steve Potts said. “Regardless of political party lines or views, we support solid business practices and will continue to make every effort to not only grow our company and employ workers, but to provide these workers with the most positive environment we can.”

The National Marine Manufacturers Association was represented at the event by vice president of federal and legal affairs Nicole Vasilaros.

"NMMA thanks Gov. Kasich for visiting Scout Boats and acknowledging the important role marine manufacturing plays in the U.S. economy,” Vasilaros said. “The recreational marine industry supports 650,000 jobs in nearly 35,000 businesses. Scout Boats is a prime example of how important small businesses are to job creation, as well as the continued growth of U.S. exports and manufacturing."



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