Sea Ray seeks new Aquapalooza promoter

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Sea Ray's Aquapalooza signature event has been so successful the company is no longer able to produce it, vice president of marketing Rob Noyes told Soundings Trade Only.

“It’s been such a success that it’s absolutely outgrown our capabilities — we’re not promoters; we’re boatbuilders and we’re in the boating business,” Noyes said. “We’re looking for promoters who might be interested in it. It’s a great event. It just needs somebody who can organize it.”

There will be no signature event this year, although smaller events will be held around the country this summer.

Noyes said an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 people attended the 2010 signature event, which was held at The Reserve at Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Country star Brad Paisley was the headliner.

“You put [that crowd] in the water and you add all their entertainment that they all bring in, their coolers, it becomes a daunting task. It’s a lot of fun for people, but it’s unbelievably costly and time-consuming, and with a department of three I can’t afford to do it.

“Because it’s gotten so big, we are required to provide so much safety and security, and it’s just astronomically expensive,” Noyes added.

He’s been talking to a number of possible promoters for the event and hopes it can resume next year. Noyes said Sea Ray would be involved.

“I’m looking for somebody to step up who wants to take it over and we’d be happy to work with them,” he added.

— Beth Rosenberg