Sea Vee debuts new 27-foot bay boat

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Sea Vee 27 in the Florida Keys.

Sea Vee Boats introduced its new 270Z Bay Boat model.

The company utilizes a manufacturing process for the 270Z in which the hull, stringers and bulkheads are fabricated using a vacuum-assisted resin transfer infusion process.

Sea Vee said that although a few other builders also use resin infusion, it is the only company to build a boat with the hull and deck completely infused, with stringers and bulkheads.

The company said the high-tech, cored unibody construction results in reduced VOC emissions, a higher quality laminate and a durable boat. Foam filled cavities also make the boat unsinkable.

Sea Vee said the 270Z features multiple lifting bodies with a unique hull geometry that results in a fixed running trim angle.

The lifting bodies ensure the optimum angle of attack that produces maximum hull lift with minimum resistance, regardless of speed or sea conditions, the company said. The cross-ventilated, twin-stepped hull features an augmented four-port air induction system incorporating a central air reservoir unit that produces and maintains the necessary air cavities to reduce drag.


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