Southport Boats honors Massachusetts dealer

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Southport Boats gave Crosby Yacht Yard Inc. of Osterville, Mass., its 2017 Dealer of the Year Award.

It was the first time Crosby Yacht Yard has received the award.

After joining the Southport dealer network in 2013, Gregory Egan and Crosby Yacht Yard experienced steady year-over-year gains in annual sales and the dealership has had a breakout year this year, doubling its units from 2016, Southport Boats said.

Along with co-dealer Smith Yacht Sales of Hingham, Mass., Crosby Yacht Yard accounted for more than 25 percent of Augusta, Maine-based Southport’s annual production run.

“We had a feeling that Greg and Eric were on the cusp of really doing something great; 2016 was a stellar year for their group, but we knew there was even more coming for 2017,” Southport marketing and sales director Jonathan Kirby said in a statement. “Their passion for the Southport brand and a consistently high-quality customer service approach earned them many happy customers who were more than happy to sing the praises of Crosby Yacht Yard, Smith Yacht Sales and Southport.”

“Eric [Smith] and I really appreciate the engineering, quality and design aspects of Southport Boats and have been extremely pleased with our relationship with the Southport Boats team in Maine,” Egan, Crosby Yacht Yard’s vice president and general manager, said in a statement.

“We all feel enormous pride in being able to offer the ‘Southport Experience’ to our customers. With the solid reputation for incredible performance and quality, Southport continues to grow in our market and we look forward to another successful year,” he added.

Crosby Yacht and Smith Yacht Sales will attend the New England Boat Show in Boston Feb. 10-18.


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