Stella Artois offers free Riva boat rides on the East River

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Beer brewer Stella Artois is bringing classic, collector-owned Rivas to Manhattan’s East River to offer New Yorkers free evening rides this week.

“Luxurious experiences don't have to be for an elite few,” said Anheuser-Busch premium brands vice president Peter Van Overstraeten in a statement. “Stella Artois is all about creating culturally relevant, shareable moments that excite and inspire consumers. Our premium lager helps upgrade any experience, even a hot commute.”

The vintage Rivas will cruise the East River between Pier 25 in Manhattan and ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina in Brooklyn from 4 to 8 p.m., July 30-Aug. 2.

“If we can't bring New Yorkers to the French Riviera, we'll bring the French Riviera mindset to New Yorkers,” said Stella Artois marketing vice president Lara Krug. “The East River Riviera will not only upgrade their daily commute, but we hope it will also inspire consumers to embrace a vacation state of mind even if they don't leave New York.”