Sunstream Boat Lifts reports 2011 sales boost

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Sunstream Boat Lifts, a leading manufacturer of boat lifts and hoists, announced that 2011 year-over-year sales growth hit 30 percent.

The company did not release specific sales figures.

Sunstream attributes its growth to an increase in sales of new products in the recreational and government sectors. The company forecasts that 2012 will be another strong year and expects its recreational business to be further enhanced by the introduction of its new V-Lift.

“We are thrilled with our 2011 sales growth and see great opportunity to further grow by expanding the boat lift marketplace with new categories of products,” Sunstream Corp., founder and chief executive Ken Hey said in a statement.

“V-Lift brings the Sunstream experience, once limited to waterfront homeowners, to all boaters,” he added. “The lift can be tied up to a rental slip and has an attractive price point for the broad market. We introduced the V-Lift to the public at the 2012 Atlanta, Chicago and Nashville boat shows and were blown away with the initial market excitement. We expect our 2012 sales performance to reflect this enthusiasm.”


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