Tiara Yachts rolls out summer promotion


Tiara Yachts is launching an aggressive marketing campaign for its 3900 Series boats that it said includes savings up to $178,000.

The Holland, Mich.-based builder’s Summer Buying Opportunity Event will continue until Sept. 4 on sales of new 2012 Tiara 3900 Open, Convertible and Sovran models.

“These new Tiara yachts have been re-energized and reinvigorated not only with new pricing but also with new features, technology and decors,” Tiara Yachts said in a statement.

Tiara said it has “reorganized operations and streamlined its manufacturing processes,” allowing it to pass along the savings, according to the release.

“We have leveraged strategic connections and revised our own operations to be more competitive in the market while remaining true to our founding principles,” Tiara Yachts CEO David Slikkers said. “The result is that we have maximized the value to our consumer.”

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