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Two European builders settle lawsuit

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HanseYachts AG and Cantiere del Pardo Spa issued a joint statement saying the two builders have “finally come to a satisfactory agreement for both parties.”

In March, HanseYachts filed a case in an Italian court alleging that Cantiere del Pardo’s Pardo 43 was a copy of HanseYachts’ Fjord 42. The German builder said in a statement that the Genoa court issued a preliminary injunction against Cantiere del Pardo that prohibited the production, promotion and sale of its boat in Italy.

Cantiere del Pardo sent out a conflicting press release saying that another court will allow it to continue to sell its boats. The latest statement said the two builders had settled the dispute.

“The parties were able to agree upon conditions under which the Pardo 43 can be sold, commercialized, produced and promoted outside but also inside of Italy,” said the joint statement. “This agreement has the immediate effect that all restrictions related to Pardo 43 imposed by court decisions rendered earlier this year are released.” 


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