Vesper Marine signs marketing deal with NavPlay

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New Zealand-based marine safety manufacturer Vesper Marine said it formed an exclusive marketing partnership with NavPlay, an interactive iPad navigation app for recreational boaters.

Under the terms of the agreement, customers who purchase a Vesper Marine XB-8000 or Vision touch-screen Class B AIS transponder will receive a voucher for a free 90-day worldwide subscription to NavPlay.

Vesper Marine said customers can activate the subscription at any time and use the NavPlay’s app on their iPad for their next cruise to safely manage navigation activities such as planning, routing, autopilot, data recording and weather forecasts.

“With the inclusion of NavPlay, Vesper Marine customers receive a complete AIS package no one else can provide — one of our industry-leading AIS transponders, Wi-Fi connectivity and a complete navigation app that is full of great features and a lot of fun to use,” Vesper Marine CEO Jeff Robbins said in a statement. “NavPlay offers a fresh and very cool approach that is unlike any other marine navigation app and is a perfect complement to our unique transponders.”

The NavPlay app manages all navigation activities on an iPad, allowing users to plan routes anywhere, at any time. Onboard, it ensures that boaters don’t miss an alarm, weather alert or turn.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with Vesper Marine,” NavPlay sales and marketing manager Andrea Buralli said in a statement. “NavPlay’s emphasis on a customized and enhanced navigation experience is a perfect fit for Vesper Marine’s safety-savvy customers.”


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